13 Dec 2011

The History will be made

It's just an epic run that I've been into. So I will be on my livestream. Getting a title as a 'highest paid pro gamer in Nepal', I want to thank all my supporters from Nepal and all around the world. specially a personal thanks to Bjorn Rusland and Kalle Anderson, all the way from Sweden. With great powers comes great responsibility, I can assure that I'll do my best to entertain my fans. I want to thanks MSi computers for giving me a chance. I want to thank NepsyHigh website to write my blogs. Keep on playing the Gaimzzzzz, own some scrubs, and Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

27 Nov 2011

Ignite Yourself

Here we go guys, We have a new champion coming up. So lately, we've been talking about new patches. This edition of the patch preview is short but important, as multiple major changes are inside! Sivir is getting a remake, the jungle is receiving a significant update, and we're making a number of changes that should change your priorities in lane. To get forward look into the next gameplay update, take a look at the patch preview. How many people would dislike it?